Data loss incurred by Canadian organizations has grown by 400 per cent since 2012. (

I’m sure I don’t need to use these scare tactics to educate the business community about the importance of preserving irreplaceable data. We’ve all heard it. Many people have lost data or at least had some kind of scare. So why is this risk still prevalent? I would suggest the majority of new prospective clients we “inspect” do not have an adequate, functioning data backup system for their business. Most businesses will have something that was put in place once upon a time, but too often it stopped working properly months or even years ago.

This phenomenon reminds me a little of seeing youth (or I guess anyone for that matter) smoke. They’ve heard their entire life that smoking will kill them and yet, they still took up the habit. I think it is human nature to understate our own risks. We have laws that state we shouldn’t drive and text, most people agree these laws are a good idea, yet our collective behavior doesn’t change that much. “It won’t happen to me.”

Smart Dolphins is not going to change the human psyche, but we would like to make a difference with the business risk of weak or failing backup systems. There are zillions of perfectly arranged ones and zeros at stake (sorry for the obscure nerd-humour interlude)! For the same reasons we have laws that make car insurance mandatory, we feel “backup insurance” should be ubiquitous. Take some time today to ensure that your organization has a solid process (which typically means a non-human process) in place that alerts you when your data backup system is misbehaving because it will with enough time.