Have you ever thought that the response times you experienced with your IT personnel or Managed Service Provider (MSP) were slow? Are you tired of getting voicemail every time you experience a problem?

Did you know that there are global standards for IT response times?

Response Time

As a MSP, our response time is a measure of our own success. MSPs are continuously reviewing and improving our response times. Evaluate the following factors when considering response time:

  • Ability to work remotely: 80% of IT support can be handled remotely.
  • Capacity: How large is your IT department or company?  Smaller companies and departments are often impacted by illness or vacation time.
  • Verifiable service levels: Ask your provider about their response time commitment? What processes and tools are in place to ensure their commitment?
  • Proactive IT Service: Proactive IT service focuses on achieving optimal network stability, overtime, decreasing the number of help desk support tickets your organization submits. Just because your computers are currently running doesn’t mean your IT approach is proactive.

If you’re experiencing poor response times or you’re unhappy with you current managed service provider for any reason, please contact us. A smart dolphin will answer the phone and get you the help you need right away.