Check for data breaches

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Business, Quick Skills

Want to know if your login credentials have been breached? Check out Have I Been Pwned:

“Have I Been Pwned” is a specialized search engine which allows you to check your email address against known data breaches to tell you if you have been affected. If your credentials have been breached, change your passwords right away and ensure that you have MFA configured.

Have I Been Pwned also provides an alerting service which notifies you if your email address shows up in future breaches.

linkedin on phone

The 2016 Linkedin data breach exposed 164 million email addresses and passwords.

I had my colleague, Meghan try it out with her personal email and EIGHT breaches came up:

  • Anti Public Combo List
  • Canva
  • Collection #1
  • Exploit.In
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • verifications io
  • Zomato

Data breaches are rampant so, when it comes to protecting yourself (or your organization) user education is a must. Arrange for some basic security awareness training and implement best practices and strict password policies. Protect yourself at home and at work!

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