PwnedWant to know if your information has been breached? Check out Have I Been Pwned:

Created by Security Developer, Troy Hunt, this FREE resource allows anyone to see if their information has been put at risk. I had my colleague, Meghan try it out with her personal email and three breaches came up:

1) The May 2016 Linkedin breach that leaked 164 million email addresses and passwords.

2) The 2013 Tumblr breach with resulted in the exposure of 65 million accounts.

3) The May 2017 Zomato hack that resulted in the exposure of 17 million accounts.

Data breaches are rampant so, when it comes to protecting yourself (or your organization) user education is a must. Arrange for some basic security awareness training and implement best practices and strict password policies. Protect yourself at home and at work!

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