Microsoft Outlook reminders

by | Nov 21, 2011 | Quick Skills

Have reminders appear in Outlook for the recipient with this quick tip!

Want someone to do something with your email?  Wouldn’t it be nice if your email had some mechanism of popping up and interrupting the recipient at some point to remind them to do something?  That’s where reminder flags come in!

– Using Outlook  while composing a new email, simply click on Follow Up and then click on Add Reminder.

– On the pop up window, click the Flag for Recipients check box.

– You can then change the nature of the flag using the Flag to: drop down box and/or set up a reminder to pop up for the recipient.

Now you don’t need to pop your head into your sales guy’s office and remind him to fill out his TPS report. Tell his Outlook to do it for you and you can just go sip more coffee and look important!