Why do clients partner with us?

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Business

Smart Dolphins has evolved over the last 20 years. Our competitors, like industry trends, come and go – it’s our ability to adapt to change that allows us to thrive.

My first day on the job was in May, 2004, and I spent it learning how to assemble computers from parts. Today, when we buy a computer for our clients, we buy it assembled.

We used to migrate our clients from email that was saved on their website server to in-house Microsoft Exchange. Now, we typically migrate those to Microsoft Exchange Online, a cloud component of Microsoft 365.

Whether it’s building computers backing up data, how we use “the cloud”, or how we approach security, our industry continues to evolve, and we continue to evolve with it. Interestingly, as we’ve evolved, we’ve never called ourselves a PC company, a backup company, a cloud company, or a security company.

Twenty years ago, you had a computer or two in your office, maybe only used for part of the day. Today, you have computers, servers, cloud applications, high speed Internet, mobile devices and so much more. Professionals are using technology all day, every day.

I asked why our clients do business with us and I think it’s this: technology is more and more at the centre of business and it is complex.

Our clients need – and will continue to need help navigating all of this and that’s not going to change any time soon, and so long as we remember what business we are in, we will continue serving satisfied Vancouver Island customers for another 20 years, and beyond! We are the your IT support partner.

Navigating the Cloud