by | Apr 8, 2015 | Business, Quick Skills

ParkVictoriaOne of my favorite new apps is ParkVictoria which allows you to pay for Victoria parking spaces from your mobile phone.
Within the app you’ll create an account and store a credit card. Then, when it’s time to park you just open the app and enter in your space number with the desired amount of time.
Aside from the convenience of paying from your phone, this app has a few awesome features:
· You can refund back any unused time should you return to your vehicle early.
· Receipts may be emailed to you, which is great when you’re parking on the company credit card and need to keep track of your receipts.
· The app has a built-in timer which will warn you when your parking is about to expire.
· You can extent your parking session should you need more time.
There is a small con, in that the app charges a $.25 service fee each time you park, but so far I’ve saved this with every single parking session by being able to refund my unused time.
Have fun!