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Let’s walk you through the steps of scheduling a Microsoft Teams meeting five different ways.

1. Through the Teams calendar

In your Teams’ application or browser, click on the calendar tab. Simply choose the time slot, or click and drag the time span. A dialogue box will open to create a meeting. This process is very similar to what you follow to create a meeting in Outlook. Add your required and optional attendees.

2. Outlook web version

If you use Outlook on the web, open your calendar. Again, click and drag to select the time span. In order to make the meeting a Teams meeting, you need to click on more options. That will open a new dialogue box where you can toogle Teams meeting. Click save and attendees will receive an invite.

3. Desktop Outlook version

Here the experience is very similar to the above steps but you must click on the Teams button. Doing so will add all of the relevant meeting details.

4. Meet now in Teams

You can meet immediately by clicking on the Meet now button at the top right corner in Teams, directly in a channel or in a chat. Guests will be populated automatically.

5. Channel Meeting

Scheduling a meeting in a channel will attach the meeting to a specific channel. The scheduled meeting will appear in the posts of the channel. Click on schedule a meeting in the upper right corner. Add a title. Doing it this way will add all of the members of that channel. You can also schedule a channel meeting through the calendar by adding the channel manually.

To join a channel meeting, users can simply click on join meeting. Keep in mind, however, if you do not add them as a required attendee, they will not receive an email invitation. And, if they do not receive an email invitation, the meeting is not added to their calendar. This is not the case when it comes to channel guests; all guests will receive email invitations.

Note that channel meetings cannot be scheduled in private channels. If you have a channel that has many meetings, consider adding the channel calendar as a tab.

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