Optimize your business IT

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Business

tech dependent

If you operate a business dependent on IT, you are already investing in IT, whether that investment is in internal IT or with an outside IT service provider, you are investing. Partnering with a managed IT service provider can best optimize your technology investment.

Perhaps you are asking yourself, how can we operate more efficiently, yet grow our business? How may we reduce costs while enhancing productivity? The answers to those questions may or may not lie within your technology.


Managed IT adds security

Last year, many of the clients that we onboarded had previously faced serious network security incidents. Some of them experienced downtime, others lost data and in the worst-cases, they lost measurable profits. This left these business leaders in a position where they realized that neglecting their IT (aging infrastructure and poor backups among other issues) resulted in direct and quantifiable financial loss.

Organizations partner with managed IT service companies because they need peace-of-mind that their technology infrastructure is secure. For a variety of reasons (compliance, risk mitigation), businesses need to team-up with a service provider that can offer world-class, enterprise-level tools and technologies. And, as security threats continue to develop and intensify, organizations are looking to IT professionals that can provide end-user security training.

Managed IT boosts productivity

Successfully leveraging your IT has a dramatic impact on your organization’s productivity. This impact can surface in a few different ways. One acute way in which your employees can be more productive is by investing in technology that runs efficiently. Or, by deploying solutions that are remotely accessible. We can also measure productivity in terms of reducing the time spent on IT problems. With an outsourced IT department, key employees (i.e. the “slash”) can focus on what they do best.

Managed IT is proactive

Managed IT businesses have the resources and scale to invest in your technology. Entire teams of certified IT professionals (we call them PODS) can focus 100% of their time ensuring every network is efficient and that potential problems are prevented even before they occur.

There are more reasons why you may need to make the change toward managed IT services this year. If you are concerned about any aspect of your organization’s IT, contact us to schedule a meeting.