Kind Words from Hansbraun

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Business

As mentioned last week, we have been honoured as a finalist for the GVCC annual awards for the “Business of the Year (11-25 Employees)”. As part of the application process, each nominee submission could be accompanied by Letters of Support.

Receiving these letters was one of the most rewarding parts of this process. Over the next few weeks, I will share some of the letters that we received.

A big thanks to Vicky and the folks at Hansbraun for this wonderful letter and so many great years of working together.


February 6, 2012

To Whom it May Concern:

Re: Chamber Award reference letter

We are pleased to offer a whole-hearted recommendation for Smart Dolphins, to the Chamber of Commerce. Hansbraun Investments is a property management/real estate development company, operating in Victoria, BC. We formed a strategic partnership with Smart Dolphins eight years ago that has, and will continue, to serve us incredibly well.

We recognize the importance of technology and information in business today. While our business is not large enough to have IT support on staff, Smart Dolphins provides us with key competencies that allow us to maximize our effectiveness, efficiency and bottom line.

Smart Dolphins have earned a level of trust from us that I believe is rare in the business world. Quite simply, they provide us guidance, support and advice that we follow without hesitation. We don’t question their advice and we don’t question the cost. They have earned this trust through top-notch service and excellent communication; and because we know they value our relationship as much as we do. We are confident that they will always treat us fairly and work in our best interests. As I said, this is a rare sort of relationship in business; and Smart Dolphins is a rare sort of business.

In addition to what they do for our business, we love how much Smart Dolphins cares about, and gives back to, our community. As a business, and their staff on a personal level, we regularly see them working on different initiatives, such as fundraising for the Mustard Seed, to benefit our community.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our thoughts; we sincerely feel that Smart Dolphins deserves this award. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact me at the above number, or at ###.

Yours truly,

Victoria Shannon, BCom
Vice President