In this blog post, I would like to share with you five valuable IT roadmapping secrets that business leaders should use to better organize and manage their IT infrastructure.

As Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions, I simplify the IT planning process by helping professionals navigate the intricacies of IT, so that their time can be spent on what they do best. These five elements essentially make up the secret sauce that goes into every successful IT roadmap.

#1 | Strategic Business Alignment

My number one goal is to align your technology with your business goals. This is what we refer to as strategic business alignment. During the onboarding process, we review your business goals and throughout our partnership, these insights guide our planning.

Does your industry have specific compliance regulations?
What technologies does your organization rely on?
What technologies can best support your current and future goals?
What IT challenges are you facing?


# 2 | IT Leadership

Successful businesses have quality IT leaders. Whether your organization has internal or outsourced IT, IT leadership is key to workflow success. At Smart Dolphins, every one of our allies (customers) has a dedicated (vCIO) that provides planning, strategic analysis, and strong, competent management.

#3 | Best Practices and Standards

We stay ahead of the technology curve, so that you don’t need to. We have built strong partnerships with our technology vendors and only implement technologies that are in line with world-class standards and best practices. And, because of the breadth and width of our client base, we have the scale to help you best leverage your IT.

#4 | Short and Long-term Planning

We develop annual and quarterly plans which includes projects and a medium to long-term budget. We do this so you know exactly how your technology will support your business as it grows and this ensures we stay focused on our goals and that we have cost predictability for years into the future. It is through careful planning that we decide, for instance, what projects are necessary for all of our allies.

Do we need a stronger focus on security?
What technologies can provide opportunities for your organization to operate effectively and efficiently?


#5 | Ongoing Business Review

Change is imminent and perpetual in business as well as technology; it is always changing. Ongoing strategic consultation is just part of the reality of managed IT. We work hard to identify potential problems in advance of their showing up. Our dedicated, proactive team is always running behind-the-scenes audits to ensure your technology is aligned with your goals.

Don't have an IT roadmap?