by | Aug 5, 2014 | Quick Skills

Did you know that you can set all sorts of restrictions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

If you have children that use your device for games, movies, music, etc then this is a must know.  With many of today’s free to play games there are usually in-app purchases that you may not be aware of.  If you download and install a free game and then let your child play right away, they may inadvertently purchase this in-app content!  This can happen because when you enter your AppleID password for the download and install it stays authenticated for 15 minutes.  But with restrictions enabled on the Apple device you can disable in-app purchases altogether, or remove the ability to install or uninstall apps, and set your AppleID password to be required immediately rather than having it saved for 15 minutes.

With restrictions you can also filter content for movies, music and websites based on their content ratings.

To turn on restrictions go to Settings>General>Restrictions and then set up a passcode.  Once restrictions are enabled you can configure the settings that you feel are appropriate.

Now there is no need to worry if your child is going to rack up thousands of dollars of in-app purchases on your credit card!

Or you can just take the device away and tell them to go outside and play like we all did when we were kids – but where’s the fun in that?

For more detail on restriction settings I recommend you check out the official Apple support article at