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Category : | Posted : Apr 27, 2019

Today Smart Dolphins was awarded the 21st Best Workplace™ in Canada – in the Less than 100 Employees by Great Place to Work Canada.

This might be the most affirming business accolade Smart Dolphins has received…so far.


Recognition always feels good. More so, this acknowledgment goes beyond our great employee perks and benefits.

This is a proof Smart Dolphins has built something special. There is a broader mechanism and momentum that exists that enables us to be on a Best Workplaces™ in Canada list.

The way I see it, you can’t have a great place to work without great people. Further, great people only stick around when they can produce great results. All this implies that we have all this great stuff rallied around some great ideas. Our approach is unique and valuable, and this is making a difference.

On May 1st, Smart Dolphins will be 19 years old. I started this in the back room of my house with the simple hope of building a “real business”. It always feels like there is more to do to build a truly sustainable and great business. Being #21 “Best Workplaces in Canada – Less than 100 Employees” should be enough to confirm that my original goal was met. Let’s keep going!

I can’t wait to see us at #1 on this list! Maybe next year?

I am so incredibly grateful and lucky to have been a part of this upward spiral. Thank you to all our awesome Dolphins, allies (customers) and dolfans for helping us get here.

See the full list of National Winners at:

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