Google Search History

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Business, Quick Skills

One of the new features added to Google is that it will keep a record of your search history but only if you are logged into your Google account. You can review your search history, download it to a file, or disable/clear it. Note that this is a separate history from the actual browser that you are using. You could be using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari on any device, as long as you are logged into your Google account while searching, a record of your search history will be recorded.

To access your Google search history and turn it off or on just navigate to: and login to your Google account. You will see a page like the following if it is enabled.

Google Search History

As you will notice, I only have one entry for Zapier since I had my history disabled. You can remove specific items from the history by checking them off and clicking on remove items. If you prefer to disable it then click on the gear icon in the top right corner and choose settings. You be presented with the following screen.

disable google search

To turn of searches and browsing activity just toggle the blue switch in the right hand corner. You can also click on show more settings to view what else google is keeping track of, which includes items shown in the image below. You also toggle these on and off to suit your desired level of history logging.

disable Google Search History

If your search history is already turned off then you will see the following screen where you have the choice of turning it on.

Google Search History

To download your history just click on the gear icon and choose download and then follow the on screen prompts. Your history will be downloaded as a zip archive file which you can open and review your history from. Note that the archive will be emailed to your Gmail account where you can then open it from.

And that is how you manage your google search history. Happy searching!