Genius Scan

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Business, Quick Skills

If you want to quickly and easily create a PDF using your phone camera, check out Genius Scan which is available for both Android and Apple.

At Smart Dolphins, we use this app for capturing our credit card receipts before sending them to Mariola, our controller. She’s asked that all receipts come to her as PDFs, and this allows each of us to get the receipts to her instantaneously rather than saving them up and running them through the copier at a later date.

Genius Scan

This not only saves me from having to do one of the least enjoyable tasks in my day (reconciling my credit card at the end of the month), but it decreases the chances of me losing my receipts!

Genius Scan also makes the process fairly painless, as it allows you to setup default recipients for your receipts. I just click a couple of buttons and my receipt is scanned and sent off with minimal effort.

Happy scanning!