Secure Facebook with Two-Factor Authentication

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Business, Cybersecurity, Quick Skills

It’s October, cybersecurity awareness month so we thought we would share a simple security tip. Facebook accounts get hacked everyday. Secure your Facebook with Two-factor authentication.

adult on phone

Here’s how to enable Facebook’s built-in authenticator:

  1.     Login and click on account settings
  2.     Select security
  3.     Edit login approvals
  4.     Select require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers
  5.     Click the get started button
  6.     Select the phone type, then click continue
  7.     Follow the instructions in the pop up window to turn on security codes, then click continue
  8.     Type the code that is generated into the window to finish the activation process

Now nobody can log in to your Facebook without access to your mobile phone, which would mean they need to physically have your phone, know your phone’s passcode, and your Facebook email/username and password to hack it.

In addition to securing Facebook, you want to beware of email phishing scams. Facebook is popular and part of that is due to the Facebook notifications we get…someone commented on one of your pictures or a status update and you’re immediately drawn back to Facebook.


Email phishing happens on social media too. A simple rule to avoid this is to not click on the links in ANY Facebook message or email notification, but instead just go straight into Facebook and check updates there.

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