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Your IT needs engagement now

Category : | Posted : Mar 26, 2021

One of the most interesting positive side effects of the pandemic that I have noticed over the past year is the growing engagement between business owners and their technology. This heightened awareness of just how dependent on technology even the simplest of businesses is highlighted by the importance of being actively engaged with IT experts.

For many, this was borne out of an urgency and a necessity to keep their teams working and operations afloat remotely. Where proactive IT planning, pre-pandemic, was sometimes left to the last minute, business owners are now recognizing the empty seat at the table and the risks that accumulate when decision-making teams do not include IT leadership.

Every company relies on solid financial guidance. For example, few would leave their CFO out of their planning rhythm, likewise, your CIO or CTO plays a critical role in providing a full picture of current and future operational costs and capabilities. Technology debt directly parallels and relates to fiscal debt in both delayed capital-project expenses but more quietly in lost productivity. That productivity should be measured both against your current efficiencies but also the efficiencies of your industry and competitors.

Stretching the life of IT infrastructure may delay capital expenditures but it can quickly put you behind companies that are keeping pace with current technology. Your CIO can help you understand exactly where you are and how to keep your IT reliable and predictable.

Are there empty seats at your decision-making table?

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