Dropbox for small businesses

by | Jun 8, 2011 | Quick Skills

Dropbox has the ability to share files and folders. From your own Dropbox you can create and share a folder with other Dropbox users. This allows for easy collaboration on projects. There is also a “Public” folder from which you can allow people to download a particular file simply by clicking a link. The illustration below shows how easy it is.

Clicking the “Copy Public Link” option creates this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6452346/Dropbox.docx. Copy and paste that address into your internet browser and you can download the document. I’ve used this to share large amounts of photos. Have you ever tried to email photos? It’s Painful. Dropbox makes it much easier for everyone involved.

A property management client of ours uses Dropbox extensively. They have a team of employees who do maintenance for the properties they manage all over the island. Each of the employees has an iPhone4 with Dropbox installed. Inside of Dropbox are hundreds of files with contact information for the thousands of tenants they deal with. The files are updated at their main office and synchronized with Dropbox ensuring that the maintenance employees have the most current information 24/7.

As I mentioned earlier, Dropbox is free. With the free version you get 2GB of storage and all the other features I mentioned. If you need more space you can pay $9.99 a month for 50GB or $19.99 a month for 100GB. Both options are a great deal.