How IT impacts culture

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Business

We believe that great IT positively impacts company culture.

Company culture is an overworked buzzword, but there is good reason for this. Organizations live and die by how well they coordinate their people to do valuable things for the world. The difference between success and failure is so often driven by the emotion the people have when doing their work – the company culture.

Technology has a huge influence on company culture. If the employees of a firm are constantly tripping over technology problems, big or small, the emotional energy they bring to their work will be frustrated. Furthermore, introducing any kinds of technology changes, like new software, can induce outright panic in a team if their past IT experiences have been negative.

In a progressive company, IT can be a culture boost. If past experiences with technology have actually made employees’ lives better and were introduced with very few bumps, people will get more excited when the next new thing comes along. This cultural momentum can often spill over into other important areas. Culture is amorphous, but is really priceless to organizational success. There are few things that have a larger impact on the quality of a company’s culture than the technology interweaved throughout the organization.