Smart Dolphins Covid-19 Guidance

Category : | Posted : Mar 16, 2020

Covid-19 has rushed into our lives and it is challenging to know exactly how to respond as a business leader. At Smart Dolphins, we have the responsibility to service our clients and continue to support the POD that serves them. We also need to safeguard our community from this serious and poorly-understood risk. I’d like to offer a few points of guidance.  

  • We’re seeing a lot of communication about Covid-19 in the world, but given the risks and unprecedented nature of this, over-communication is better than too little. Every day we’re considering what communication we need to share with the Dolphins, our clients and the local business community. Of course, we are trying to be helpful and concise (most people do not need the hand-washing reminder anymore).
  • Given that health risks are at stake, we want to err on the side of safety. Last week, we asked the majority of the POD to start working from home. If this is an option for your business, we strongly suggest you take measures immediately to facilitate this shift. Also, prepare for a scenario where your company MUST work from home.  
  • Focus on being helpful to others. Specifically, from an IT perspective, Smart Dolphins has prioritized enabling our clients to work remotely in a productive and secure way.  
  • Otherwise, stay levelheaded and within the confines of the scenario we hope you stay productive and maintain good health. 

A quick note on Cybersecurity risks 

There is a higher risk of phishing and other cybersecurity attacks during distracting and fast-moving times like these. Please remind your employees to be extra vigilant of suspicious emails or phone calls during this time. 

Our next couple of blog posts will focus on how to be effective while working remotely.  

If you have any questions, please contact us! 

1. Communicate
2. Err on the side of safety
3. Help others
4. Stay calm
5. Be cyber-vigilant

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