The Cornerstone of centralized services

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Business

Technology and automation is the promise of this age. Of course, it doesn’t happen without talent and investment. Smart Dolphins provides both with our Centralized Services (CS) and our Essential Technology Suite.

We’ve invested countless hours and dollars into the best tools and automation in our industry and we have a dedicated role to lead and manage the magic. We often explain CS as “the person behind the curtain” who is managing and supporting much of the mystery technology that our Allies need, but don’t really care about (because it just works!). CS is the golden goose of our Technology Success Partnership.

Data is the heart and soul of your business.

A cornerstone of CS is the provision of an enterprise-class Business Continuity Solution (also known as Backup and Disaster Recovery or BDR). Everyone knows the importance of “backup”, but rarely do people really think about “restore” or understand what can go wrong. All backups are not made equal; many backups don’t even continue to do their most basic function.

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What is your Recovery Time Objective?

Traditional backups are time consuming, unreliable, and often untested. We use image-based backups that run multiple times per day, which are automatically saved on a local device and uploaded to a secure cloud. If it’s ever needed, we can run your business on our backup device while the server is repaired. This provides the highest level of granularity and recoverability to ensure your data will remain secure, and accessible within minutes and downtime minimized.

There is no bigger risk to a business than losing their data and so within our CS function, we invest heavily in this part of our solution.