Covid-19 IT consulting

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Business

This is a difficult time and we are all trying to do everything we can to help each other.

As might be expected, the POD at Smart Dolphins is very busy assisting clients with their transition to working from home in a safe and productive way. We are also sharing timely and valuable information with the broader business community.

We would like to offer an additional resource to the business community. Many of you have met or spoken with Christopher Kelsall. We would like to offer Christopher’s time to folks in a consultative or collaborative way as an additional public service. As our “Technology Ambassador”, he typically consults with businesses about their long-term IT needs. Obviously, few are interested in talking long-term at this time.

Christopher will be collecting and sharing some of the Covid-related best practices (IT or otherwise) that we are seeing in our community and beyond. We have many resources from our client base, peers and, of course, from you – the local business community, and we can help you navigate your way through this unprecedented time. We see Christopher as an important conduit for information and ideas, offered in a personal, specific way to local businesses.

Christopher will be reaching out proactively as his capacity allows, but feel free to call him at 250-721-2499 extension 215 with your questions, ideas or struggles. If he does not know the answer, he will source it. Alternatively, he can be reached via email at

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