Email phishing is the #1 culprit behind ransomware success.


While most medium-size construction operations are deeply reliant on technology, investment remains low compared to other industries operating on Vancouver Island. Over the years, we’ve gained insight into some of the common problems in the sector and we have some simple advice on how to navigate these challenges. 

IT is perceived as a general expense. 

Technology needs to be valued as critical to success. It can drive operational efficiency, market competitiveness and innovation (drone video of job sites, remote tablets for ERP etc.).

Consider how technology can scale your business.

Reliance on break-fix IT or an internal employee with little formal training  (i.e. Controller / IT Manager aka “the slash.”

Break-fix IT is not a sustainable approach. This approach doesn’t include IT planning or budgeting and, if you’re managing IT in-house, get an outside perspective. You need to be aware of any major risks. 

Minimal employee cybersecurity awareness training.

Offer up-to-date cybersecurity training to all office employees.

Consider the risks and ask yourself:

  • What is the size and volume of your financial transactions?
  • How old is your hardware? Are you using out-of-date software?
  • Calculate the cost of downtime and include the cost to recover all data in the event of a ransomware incident. 
  • Can you attract and retain the best employees with suboptimal technology? 
  • How much do lost opportunities cost you because you are falling behind your competition? 

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