Have you heard of Wear OS?

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I’m sure many have heard something (probably lots) about the whole “wearable technology” trend. I thought I’d just pass along my initial experience with “Moto 360”. This was actually a hand-me-down from a friend so I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting (but I couldn’t say no to free techie stuff) so I thought my perspective might be interesting given, like most, I wasn’t sure what this thing would do for me.

Android Wear

“What does it do?” Well, in short, it is a watch that is kind of like an extension of my Android phone. The watch gives me notifications that are on my phone. It also allows me to interact with functions on my phone, through my watch. Huh? Okay, I’ll get more specific for clarity.

 My Favourite 3 Features: 

  1. At-a-Glance Notifications: Perhaps I’m driving and get a text or maybe my phone is in my pocket. I don’t want to be unlocking my phone and reading while driving. But, that notification? Was it my wife sending me an important text or just some silly distraction from a game or whatever? Well, I can glance at my watch and see that it was just a note that my Clan War was about to start. I probably don’t need to pull over.
  2. Basic Functions: I can also easily do some basic functions that I’d do through my phone, but instead I talk to my watch (my kids get so embarrassed when I do this – side benefit). I can use the “Okay Google” command and then offer commands such as “Send Text to Emma” or “Create Note”. The watch then prompts for more oral input and then it executes. I’ve found the ease of creating notes surprisingly useful. I’m a big believer of getting stuff out of my brain and this is an nearly-instant solution to recording a thought before it slips away forever. “Buy toilet paper” is waiting for me when I next shop for the family essentials.
  3. Navigation: I’m sure we’ve all used our phones for helping find a destination. Well, now I can just talk to my phone, “Okay Google”, “Navigate to Capital Iron”. Within moments, it will start instructing me on where to turn and continue to do so until I arrive.

These little units do a whole bunch more. They are most certainly a big part of the activity tracker genre. I can know how many steps I’ve taken today (not enough) and how many minutes I’ve exercise, etc. Similar devices track sleep quality, etc.

And of course, there is more and more “stuff” coming out every day. I could get an update for the watch or install a new app that could be earth shattering for me. In fact, the speed of change and range of possibilities can all be a bit of a blur. That is why I thought a few words here on some my initial experience with the Moto 360 might be useful.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a nerd and there is some novelty here. However, I’m initially struck by how making something easier to use can really change habits and improve life. This isn’t just stuff for geeks. Be open to possibilities and you’ll be shocked with how technology can change your life.

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