Write Like Hemingway

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Quick Skills

If you’re like me, you make your living by tapping on little plastic keys for a big chunk of your day. If some of that typing is publishing prose for the world to read, you will likely want to check out: https://hemingwayapp.com.

This is a simple service that is like having your grade 12 English teacher critique everything you feed the site. You simply paste in your text and with the click of a button it gives you a score and some recommendations. It highlights:

· Sentences that are difficult to read;
· Overuse of adverbs;
· Complicated words or phrases and;
· Use of a passive voice.

The site also gives you counts on:

· Paragraphs;
· Sentences;
· Words and;
· Characters.

I plugged my Pod Pointer here into the site and it gave me a grade of “Good.” Better than the C+ I earned in English 12.