I’m not sure you noticed, but there is a fair bit of information out there. Are you consuming as much as you could be? How much time do you spend reading web-based content in an average day? Wouldn’t it be a noticeable enhancement to your life to improve your ability to absorb this content?

ReadabilityCheck out “Readability”. This is a SUPER easy tool to use that coverts most web content into a more readable format. It will remove unnecessary content and format the main text to your liking; you can adjust the style, font and margin. The end result is it reads very much like the page of a book.

I love reading and I could (fittingly) fill a book about this topic (and plan to do so in future posts here). I like to use Readability and then print the output to a PDF. I will create a batch of these PDF documents from various articles over a few days and send those to my Kindle (a future blog topic, for sure).

It might seem like this is a bit of overkill for reading a couple of articles. Again, I read a lot. However, even just converting a page using Readability can save you a net of one minute per article. Perhaps over a week you’ve saved half an hour and over a year, you can read a fair bit more or even take a few extra days off with the time you’ve saved.

How do you improve your ability to absorb the fire hose of information coming at you every day?