I love installing software. Clicking next is like a warm hug on a cold day… ya, I’m lying.

One of the most time consuming parts of setting up a new computer is the loads of software that needs to be installed. Sure we have pre-configured operating system setups we can use to clone, but sometimes something more tailored is necessary.

This is where Ninite comes in. Ninite is a website that hosts a collection of popular software. From the site you check off which items you need and then download one executable.

The beauty here is that when you run this installer it downloads and installs everything automatically, all in one shot. There are no prompts to babysit and it doesn’t install any nasty surprises, like sketchy toolbars.


Okay, that’s pretty awesome right?

It gets way better. Ninite is smart enough to know when you already have a particular piece of software installed. When this occurs it will update that software to the latest version. Cool, huh?

Why is this so awesome? Well, what I have set up is a Ninite installer with all of my super important software selected. I have this installer run as a scheduled task on a regular basis. Voila, software is all up to date with security patches and new features.