So – what happens to your old hard drives that we receive at Smart Dolphins either when you get a new computer or when it physically fails?  Well – like any responsible tech company – we hand them over to a guy named Eddie.

Now that I have your attention, meet EDDIE – The Evil Destroyer of Delicate Internal Electronics:

Video is from Asset Investment Recovery‘s website.

Eddie is kind of like a paper shredder on steroids.  Or maybe a garburator gone mad.  No matter what you can compare Eddie to – the important thing is to know that he destroys electronics better than anyone else can – and he has an appetite for hard drives!

So what’s the point of all this jibberish?  First of all, this thing is cool!  And secondly, your data is safe with us – from the implementation stage to the disposal stage.  Also, this method of disposal is preferred because the shredded pieces are recycled after the drives are destroyed.

Can you bring your own hard drives to Eddie?  Yes.  Eddie is available to the general public.  Visit the Asset Investment Recovery website for more information. Be forewarned – it costs $2.50 per hard drive to get them destroyed.