Here at Smart Dolphins, it’s not uncommon for one person to use both a workstation and a laptop in different scenarios. The workstations are used in the office at people’s desks, while the laptops go onsite when visiting clients or down into the boardroom during meetings.

However, recently we’ve been changing that.  Some of us having been opening up our laptops while sitting at our desks and utilizing them as a third screen. Overkill right? Well, we’re computer guys after all.

Of course, it’s not really a third screen is it? It’s actually an entirely different computer that I’m working on, and not all that efficient if I have to juggle my hands between different keyboards and mice.

This is where products like Synergy and Input Director come into play. These products connect two or more computers together and allow you to share a single keyboard and mouse between them. I can literally drag my mouse off of the left hand side of my workstation monitor and the mouse cursor will jump over to my laptop. Great right? I use a lot of different applications in my work day and having my laptop so easily available is a really great productivity tool for me.

Synergy is completely free for anyone to use, whereas Input Director is free for personal use but requires businesses to contact the author and pay a small fee. Both products do essentially the same thing and I’ve used them both with great success, but I definitely give the nod to Input Director for being slightly simpler to configure. Either way, if this is something that interests you then give us a call and we can get your workstation and laptop talking to each other within minutes!