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A Business Technology Navigator (BTN) is tasked with being the technical brain for every Smart Dolphins client. Think of a BTN not so much as a technician but as a trusted IT consultant, who has years of experience, aligning business objectives with IT Systems.

Here’s a list of our BTNs core duties:

  • Create and present budgets (short and long term expenses)
  • Quote hardware and software
  • Identify and propose projects
  • Create a strategic technology plan and design
  • Hold annual technology reviews
  • Consult and onboard new customers

Smart Dolphins’ BTN role gives businesses the much needed (and usually missing) technology strategy and experience to help guide and build technology value and momentum that every business needs to compete, grow and succeed.

Smart Dolphins dedicates entire department in our organization to proactive IT. We call of our Network Administrators Dolphin Defenders.

The Dolphin Defender role is process-driven and while we generally try to reduce traveling onsite, we feel it is critical that this function be performed onsite at the client’s office. The Net Admin’s first responsibility with each customer is documentation during our Onboarding process. The Centralized Services tools provide a degree of automated documentation that is good, but the Net Admin captures what the technology can’t.

Their porpoise is to:

  • Develop best IT practices
  • Defend networks against unnecessary risk
  • Develop and implement new technology
  • Annual DeepDive – Our Dolphin Defenders review each client’s technology to discover insights and reporting to save money and reduce risk.

Minor issues are corrected immediately and major issues are communicated to the client so they are always aware of risks and can make better decisions. The end result is Smart Dolphins is able to get ahead of the reactive problems, undo the inherent technology volatility and greatly reduce future issues.

The Service Desk team is organized so that it can handle a large volume of “trouble tickets” in an efficient and friendly manner. Customers can call and have their call answered by a real person or they can choose to email their problem directly into Smart Dolphins’ ticketing system. Smart Dolphins also uses “Breakwater”, a service platform software designed to improve our customer service experience. Breakwater allows our clients to create new service requests, attach screenshots, upload files, view all services tickets, search for service tickets and add notes.

The Reactive Support team receives very high feedback scores, which is a challenge given the nature of the work.

This team is also responsible for helping the proactive roles identify systemic problems and patterns to ongoing issues so that the root problems can be corrected by our proactive functions.

There is no limit or additional costs associated to how much our Support Team is called on. You can even call us up for “How To” questions!

Smart Dolphins has invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into a variety of technologies, tools and techniques. This valuable investment in automation is shared across all clients; the value is obvious. What used to take an hour of human time now is done automatically in seconds and repeated countless times. Our clients receive immediate results, usually with little to no disruption. Often our customers don’t even know a problem was corrected; they certainly don’t know how many problems are prevented by these solutions. These efficiency gains are repeated countless times over the life of the investment.

Here are just a few specific examples of the Centralized Services Smart Dolphins provides:

  • Remote management tools
  • Monitoring and failure prevention
  • Robust backup and disaster recovery
  • Corporate-Quality firewall and router
  • Anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam solutions
  • And More! Because of the shared interest in our clients’ IT experience, we’re continuously looking for other ways to invest in our mutual future success.


Smart Dolphins delivers a variety of new technology solutions on a regular basis for all our clients. This renewal is obviously critical to being proactive. As such, Smart Dolphins has designed this service area to be focused and finely tuned. It is important for the project team to safely ignore the noise of day-to-day client problems and focus on project planning and execution. We have a strong belief in standardization and, related, industry certification and our own Smart Dolphins Standard. Smart Dolphins’ clients are invariably very surprised how smoothly all projects are executed.

Hardware and Software are the only additional costs related to Projects and these projects are planned out well in advance. With all our service being included in the fixed monthly fee and solid planning, there are no surprise invoices from Smart Dolphins.


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