Smart Dolphins’ Purpose (or as we like to say, Porpoise) is to lead people to do more with less through innovative solutions. Nearly every day we see opportunities for our clients and others in our community to better use computer technology. There is so much power at our fingertips, yet almost all of this useful technology goes unused. Smart Dolphins hopes to change that little by little and make the world a better place… a SMARTer place.

Starting on May 31st we will be producing a weekly “Pod Pointer”. These will be straightforward, simple, yet powerful tech tips for common technologies that we see in the office environment. We will be sending these out every Monday via email and our blog. On the last Monday of every month, we will also be producing a small number of handy postcards that can be kept “desk-side” for future reference. We would be happy to send any of these formats to you – just email us your request. We would also appreciate you sharing these with others or directing them our way to subscribe. I hope this isn’t necessary to say, but in case it is – I assure you – no contact information will be shared with anybody outside our company.

Do you have any time-saving-tips that you’d like to share with our community? Do you have any topics that you’d like us to cover? Again, we really want to make Pod Pointers useful so please give us your ideas, comments and feedback on how we might do so.

And lastly, take a moment to read, absorb and learn these tips each week. We are all pressed for time and THAT is exactly why improving how we do what we do is so important. As Abraham Lincoln wisely said,

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”