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Outlook Search Folders are virtual folders that show you email items from across your entire mailbox which match a certain search criteria. They are a great way of filtering and finding email quickly. If you find yourself regularly searching for the same things over and over, simply create a Search Folder and save yourself the trouble!

It is easy to understand the concept of Search Folders by looking at the ones you probably already have by default, which are these three:

For Follow Up – Any item with a flag
Large Mail – Any item larger than 100 Kilobytes, great for cleaning out your inbox
Unread Mail – Any unread email item

These folders can be found in your Outlook folder tree under Search Folders:


In addition to the defaults, you can create Search Folders for pretty much anything, such as Mail from specific people, Mail with attachments, or a custom set of criteria that you specify yourself.

I suggest taking a few minutes to consider how you use email and how Search Folders might save you time. Happy searching!