Pod Pointer

Technology is collaborative and we often need to share with others.  Sometimes that means sharing something on your screen that isn’t really in a format that is transferable.  For example, you might get a strange error message pop up on your computer that you’d like to share with Smart Dolphins’ amazing Service Desk.  You could type up a message that captures the essence of the error message.  Or, you could just use the Snipping Tool to capture an image of the message on your screen!

You can find the Snipping Tool under your Accessories folder in your start menu or try just typing snip in your Windows search box just above the Start button (it’s built into Windows Vista and 7, but in Vista you may have to activate it first).  When you initiate the tool your screen will whiten and you’ll see the Snipping Tool menu.  By default, this whitenning of your screen means the tool is ready for you to choose the area on your screen that you’d like to capture as an image – you simply just click-drag to highlight an area.  The Snipping Tool will then display the image you’ve captured.  This image can be saved to your computer or simply copied into another program or an email.

Try it now!