Both chickens and sea turtles take part in this pointer, so if either of those creatures offend you, feel free to skip it.  Otherwise – read on!

Although this topic relates to most modern smartphones, I’ll focus on the iPhone 4 because 1) it’s sitting right here next to my keyboard and 2) I can take a pretty screenshot for demonstration purposes.

So – back to the chickens and sea turtles…


I recently received an e-mail containing a picture of someone’s new pride and joy – their chickens.  I saved the photo to my iPhone photo library.  I opened up the Photos app and tapped Places.  I was immediately able to see the exact location that the picture of the chickens was taken – right down to the street address.

Sea turtles

Since sharing the address of said chicken-picture-sharer online is probably not a good idea, I decided to use my 20 sea turtle pictures (I looove sea turtles) as an example of how precise geolocation on your phone can be:

What’s the big deal?

Granted, unless there is rampant chicken crime in my city, unknowingly sharing the location of your photos is relatively harmless in most circumstances.  But imagine posting an ad including snapshots of your ’69 Mustang.  That mustang is hidden in your garage but the geotagged photo reveals exactly which garage you are hiding it in.  Now that’s kinda scary, isn’t it?

How do I turn this feature off?

Turning it off only takes 3 taps on your Apple mobile device:

1) Settings  2) Location Services 3) Slide the Camera section to OFF

Lots of websites strip out the geotagged data from your photos when you upload them – but in case they don’t – keep this tip handy!