Pod Pointer

Learn how to easily select blocks of text in Microsoft Word with this quick tip!

Within a Word document, you may need to select some text that extends past your viewing area.  When you click and drag with your mouse and go beyond the screen, the selected portion just ZOOMS past where you actually wanted to copy, and you end up with pages of selected text that you didn’t want.  Then, you have to click somewhere within the document to undo the selection and try again.  Try this trick!

– Place your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to select

– Click your mouse once and release, do not hold

– Using the vertical scroll bar on your Word window, scroll to the place you want to end

– Place the cursor there and hold down the SHIFT key and click the mouse button once

Yeah!  The text you want to be selected is selected without the mouse racing past and selecting more than you wanted.  You can now copy and paste just like you would any other selected text!