Mr. super-long-blog-about-RSS-feeds-and-other-blah-blah-blah here, offering a short and sweet post with a few of my favourite tips & tricks for using Microsoft Office that you’ve hopefully never seen before:

Format Painter

My favourite tool – you’ll find it in most of the Microsoft Office applications – which allows you to essentially copy and paste the format of your content rather than the content itself.  Details are here.

Styles (Office 2007 and above)

Highlight some text in Microsoft Word and hover the mouse anywhere inside the Styles box in the ribbon (the thick menu bar at the top of the page).  Watch the text magically change formatting in front of your eyes!   Details are here.

Find and Replace

Want to Americanize this blog post and replace every instance of the word favourite with favorite?  Copy/paste the text into Microsoft Word and click the Replace button in the ribbon.  Enter favourite in the “Find what:” box and favorite in the “Replace with:” box.  Done!  Details are here.

Selecting text

To select multiple lines of text in Microsoft Word, move your mouse to the left hand edge of the page.  It will reach a point where the cursor becomes reversed.  At that point you can hold the left-click down and drag the mouse to select as many lines as you want.  This tip sounds useless since you can simply click and drag the mouse anywhere in the page, but you’ll notice the benefit when you hit lines with bullets, images, etc.  Details on additional ways to select objects are here.

Sophisticate your document

Want to look smarter than you are?  Just right-click any word in Microsoft Word and select synonyms.  You’ll be presented with a variety of intelligence-boosting words.  This tool usually doesn’t work properly with pluralized words.  Just make the word singular before you right-click it to find its synonyms.

This is supposed to be short and sweet – so…