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Be reminded of a task when you leave from, arrive at or are near a specific location (Apple iOS 5)!

Why is this so cool?  Well, with the new iOS 5 Reminders app your reminders are no longer simply based on time – they are now also based on your location!

Try it out:

– Create a new reminder in the Reminders app

– Tap on the reminder.  Tap on Remind Me. Tap the slider next to At a Location, pick your location, and choose When I Leave or When I Arrive

If At A Location doesn’t appear, follow these steps:

– In the main Reminders app screen, tap the icon with the three bars at the top-left of the screen

– Tap Reminders in the iCloud section and tap Done

Be forewarned – location-based reminders use the built-in GPS and will impact battery performance.