Pod Pointer

Do you have too many apps on your iPhone?  If you have more than a few home screens to flip through, you’ll like this Pod Pointer.  To tame the apps on your iPhone, try using folders.

You start by simply touching and holding any app on your home screen.  They’ll start to do a little wiggle dance – this tells you they are ready to be manipulated.  Next touch and drag an app icon onto another similar kind of app (say, one game onto another game).  You’ll see that the two app icons appear as tiny icons in a box with a “title” – this is a folder.  You can then drag more games into the folder in the same manner.  Press the home button and your icons will stop doing their wiggling and you’ll see your new folder.  You access these icons now by first touching the folder to expand the icons within the folder.  You now have a tidier iPhone!