Pod Pointer

Here’s 3 handy tips for using your Android’s “Home” button more effectively!

1. Did you know that most Apps, if properly designed, follow the rule that pressing “Home” to return to your home screen does not actually close the app, unlike pressing “Back” to exit?  This comes in handy if you are not yet done using the application and would like to return to your place when you re-launch the app.

2. Speaking of switching back to an active app, did you know that by holding the home button, you can quickly and easily switch between apps on your phone?


You can also use the buttons at the bottom of this screen to quickly access the task manager, where you can close active apps, access the Google Now search screen, and close all running apps and make your phone lightning fast!

3. Finally, if you are using a Galaxy class Android phone, you can double-tap the home button from anywhere (including your lock screen!) and quickly access S Voice.  From here you can do things such as set alarms, search the web, and add calendar items.