Pod Pointer

I meet with lots of business people who have nice laptops.  Rarely do I see docking stations.  They aren’t cheap, but they can really do a lot for busy, productive people and easily pay for themselves.

I think most people don’t really know about them or understand them.  A docking station is essentially a device that you plug your laptop into and, in turn, the docking station is plugged into other things.  Docking stations vary, but most allow you to easily plug into a network cable, a keyboard and mouse, speakers and USB devices.  Some also allow for additional monitors.  So, instead of plugging these various things in every time you sit down, you simply plug all these things into your docking station ONCE and then snap your laptop into the docking station each day.

I just happen to be typing this while my laptop is plugged into my docking station.  Seriously, get one.