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This one seems kind of obvious, but I don’t actually know anybody who does it (besides myself)!  In Outlook, it’s possible to create additional calendars for yourself. This can be useful for several purposes, but my favourite use of this is in long term planning.

Whether we’re laying out all of our internal meetings for the next year, or brainstorming the best way to schedule our technical recurring appointments, a dedicated calendar can serve as a virtual ‘white board’ of sorts for laying out a bunch of stuff and seeing how it all connects together throughout the year.  We’ve just finished populating a calendar with all of our technical appointments for the upcoming year.  It was printed off and we had a great, engaging team meeting about what adjustments needed to be made.  The calendar at this point is only temporary (like the notes on a white board) but its been a great tool in our planning process.

To create a new calendar in Outlook, just right-click Calendar and choose New Calendar.

Enter an appropriate name and you’re ready go to.


Happy calendaring!