Pod Pointer

So, let’s say you’re a feline fanatic and subscribe to the about.com Cat of the Week newsletter (I’m not here to judge), and every week you get a welcomed image of a cute cat.  This weekly e-mail has barely any effect on your Inbox clutter, but 20 such newsletters a week definitely would.  This tip will help you scoop your kitty clutter into it’s own special folder in only a few steps!

This example uses one newsletter and one special folder, but can be repeated as many times as you want.  This tip uses Microsoft Outlook 2010 but also applies to previous versions of Outlook.

1) Create your special folder in Microsoft Outlook.  Right-click where you’d like to insert it, select New Folder… and give it a name.

2) Right-click an e-mail that you want the rule to apply to, select Rules –> Create Rule…

3) Check off the appropriate boxes shown below.  Be sure that the text contained in the Subject contains field will be part of each week’s subject line.  If there’s no way to be sure, simply uncheck this box.

4) Any future e-mails that match your specified criteria will automatically be moved to the folder that you specify.

This tip doesn’t apply solely to newsletters – it can be for e-mails from a specific person, e-mails with a specific subject, etc, etc.

Now that your litterbox – er – Inbox is clean, you are free to ignore the rest of the important e-mails in there!