Smart Dolphins recently acquired an ELECTRIC Smart Car. We are very excited to be adding to our “fleet” and reducing our reliance on gas.plugshare

One of the big challenges with electric cars is being able to keep the battery all juiced up.  You can’t simply pop into a gas station and top up.  Someone from our office takes our Smart Car home every night to charge it up and there are EV charging stations popping up all over the place, but can you find one if you need one?

PlugShare is the answer.  PlugShare is a free service available via and via their mobile app.  It is simply a map with icons identifying the location of all the reported EV charging stations in the area.  It will differentiate between residential, public and high power stations.  It will also let you know if a particular station is in use.

Check it out. You might be surprised just how many charging stations are nearby. Consider adding an electric car to your Victoria or Nanaimo fleet!