Haley Doehnel

Administrative Coordinator

Applying for a tech company was an exciting journey for me, as I had limited knowledge of MSPs, could not troubleshoot a computer, and had never worked outside of the hospitality industry. Fresh out of college, Smart Dolphins took me under their fins and provided me with the tools to learn and grow.

Now, while I still don’t troubleshoot computers, I’m behind the scenes in other ways – whether that’s remotely or in our physical office space. You can find me invoicing our clients, managing the AR, managing the office, organizing events for the company, keeping in touch with our clients, doing graphic design, assisting with marketing, leading the JOSH Committee, and assisting in various other capacities. I learn new things every day and I love being able to lend a hand wherever I can!




  • Executive Office Administration Diploma
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1