Scaling Growth with Proactive IT

A Victoria, BC  not-for-profit organization recognized the need to invest in IT in order to provide support services to immigrants and refugees through building networks, education, employment training and arts programming. Founded in 1971 by several ethnic and cultural groups to form the first Folkfest, they have since grown to over 100 employees.

IT Challenge

The organization was approaching a critical point in which they were very quickly outgrowing their technology. A 7-year old server combined with an increased number of computer users and a reliance on email was overworking their IT infrastructure resulting in decreased efficiency and increased IT costs.

IT Solution

Their expansion over the last few years generated a renewed investment in IT. A replacement of their old server and a much-needed migration to Office 365 resulted in increased efficiency, reduced IT costs and complexity while providing ample storage for scalable growth. The leadership team recognized that cost, improved collaboration and simplicity were of utmost importance.


Cost Management: As a NFP, predictable IT costs are necessary for short and long-term budgeting and planning. They no longer divert funds to maintaining outdated server hardware and software and benefits from fixed and predictable operational IT expenses.

Improved Collaboration: Over one 100 hundred employees can now easily and securely share files with co-workers, clients and partners. They can collaborate on documents that are always current and accessible remotely and, on any device.

Simplicity: Updated and simplified IT has boosted employee morale resulting in decreased IT service
desk calls and minimized IT stress.

Implementation: Smart Dolphins managed the implementation of these changes over a 3-week period without any unscheduled
downtime. Meticulous planning, specialized software tools, and on-site workstation visits ensured that systems were operational during the workday.

This Victoria NFP now truly benefits from the results of proactive IT. And, with Smart Dolphins as their IT support partner, they know its network will continue to function smoothly as it grows.