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“I have been working closely with Smart Dolphins for just over a year now since IT starting reporting in to me. I have very limited IT experience and therefore knew I’d have to lean on them tremendously ….. Our business is always evolving which brings new IT challenges to the table regularly. Smart Dolphins never bat an eye with our ever-changing needs and just bare down and the get the job done for us. We are very grateful to have them on our team.”
Laura B.


“I have been very impressed with Smart Dolphins’ level of service over the last 10 years. I highly recommend them for any business looking to improve its IT Systems.”
Scott F.

Law Partner

“We have trusted Smart Dolphins with all of our technology and data needs for the past ten years; and that has proven to be a great business decision for us. We rely on our technology to operate day-to-day; and data is the lifeblood of our business. Our experience has been that they offer a superior product and deliver it with outstanding professionalism and customer service.”
Victoria S.


“We have been very happy with the service we receive from Smart Dolphins. They have been able to answer any questions and concerns we have had about our system in a timely manner. We are happy to recommend Smart Dolphins IT Solutions as a great IT source.”
Lisa E.

Law Partner

“We retained Smart Dolphins for over 10+ years as our IT service provider. I have had the pleasure of working quite closely with Smart Dolphins in my role for over 6 years now. In the time that I’ve worked with Smart Dolphins, our company has grown from 40 users to over 100 users, and from one physical server to 5+ servers in various virtual environments. Throughout that time, Smart Dolphins has helped guide us through the decision-making processes to ensure our infrastructure grows with the company.”

Jess H.

HR Manager



“Smart Dolphins have also been extremely valuable in guiding the future of our technology. They really spent the time necessary to get to know our organization’s needs and I have great confidence in the solutions they’ve provided to make our organization more effective and efficient.”
Patti H.

Retired Executive Director

“We are delighted with the work done by Smart Dolphins. Many things are working much better in our new space. Any support we’ve needed has been answered quickly and professionally.”
Aina A.

Admin Support