Covid-19 Business Outlook Survey

As a hub in our business community, Smart Dolphins can play an important role. We have the great privilege to work with and connect with many progressive business leaders, representing diverse sectors. Thanks to everyone that participated in the survey. 

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43% of those that responded have fewer than 10% of their workforce working remotely.

Work from home

I feel that there is a certain advantage to being in a place that is abundant in resources and beauty and where people want to be. I feel that Vancouver Island will continue to attract other Canadians to our shores to keep our economy moving. With what has been happening globally and in the US, this could increase and improve our overall economic health on Vancouver Island.


We are continually trying to use state of the art technology to streamline processes to improve service and reduce the workload for our staff.


We’re going forward to work as opposed to going backwards to work and just trying to think differently and be really open-minded.

Laura Bolster

President, Megson Fitzpatrick