Employer of the Year

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Business

There are times in life we don’t forget… This year’s VIATeC Awards was one for me, in particular this moment:

“The winner of the Employer of the Year is… Smart Dolphins!”

I know it is the typical, modest thing to say, but I REALLY thought that we were going to be the runner up. I figured we were “Finalist fodder” and that Kano Apps would take the prize. Those that I spoke with that know of Kano warned me that they had a great reputation for being a great place to work (congrats to Kona Apps for this reputation and for being named a Finalist). I was honestly shocked to hear our name.

Thankfully, most of the “Pod” (our team) came to the event and  were able to share in the memories of this great event. What I probably loved most was the eruption that came from our table when they announced Smart Dolphins as the winner. Our team works so hard and it was so fulfilling to have them there to feel the pride in our accomplishments. It was also great to expose them to more of the VIATeC community – Tectoria. It was a very special night for Smart Dolphins.

So a big thanks to the team for making Smart Dolphins the award winning home for our careers. Also a thanks to our customers, who extend us so much support, fun and patience; you make what is normally a stressful line of work, a pleasure. And of course a huge thanks to VIATeC for this special recognition and all the awesome stuff you do for all of Tectoria. The awards show was incredible!

In particular, check out the “Employer of the Year” video clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4krUjFYI6s. Thanks to Jesse and Constantinos for braving the cameras for this!

Look out Tectoria: We have set our sights on “Team of the Year” for next year!