We’re starting to ramp up our sales and marketing efforts. As part of this I recently wrote up a really basic overview of our ideal prospect for the Pod (our Smart Dolphins team). While this exercise might seem overly simplistic, I think it is helpful for clarity and for focusing our efforts. It is also helpful when asking others for referrals, which is what I’m just about to do here…

Who do you know who is a decision maker or someone of influence at a company that fits our ideal prospect:

Our ideal prospect is a business owner or decision maker with 20 to 50 employees and no internal, dedicated IT resources. Their business is service-based and the employees rely heavily on their computer technology to be productive and profitable. They have felt the pain of a shaky network and a weak IT service provider and can understand the bigger picture costs of their IT network. They are ready to do things right.

The greatest problem our ideal prospect faces is the cost, headache and lost opportunity of IT problems and risks. Their existing solution is inadequate and was pieced together over many years and by under-qualified service providers. There is a lack of control and a lack of confidence and trust in their current IT service provider. They are now having trouble growing their business and there is serious risk of business loss. It is time for a change.

We had some debate internally about this ideal prospect. While it can be very helpful for a prospective customer to be in a great deal of pain and agony so that they more easily see the value of what we bring, it can also be equally as good, and in some ways better, for a prospective customer to just “get it” without having to go through the pain. There are lots of people that know prevention is the best cure. Some of our best customers are companies that invited us in initially “just to see what else is out there” because they weren’t thrilled and enthusiastic about their previoius IT provider.

In my experience, business decision makers (in particular, in Victoria) are not receptive to forceful sales methods (i.e. cold calls, etc) and they tend to ignore indirect marketing (advertising). They can be reached most easily through referrals from our mutual contact network. At least 9 out of 10 of our customers came through a referral. That brings me back to you: is there someone that comes to mind when you read this description?

Of course, we appreciate any referrals. They don’t  have to be an “ideal” match, but hopefully this gives more flavour to the type of company we are and who we typically provide the most value to.

Can you make a connection to a company that might be a good fit? We can assure you that we would do all we could to make you look good (in the hopes you’d refer us again). Thanks for helping us to continue to grow!