January 24th, 2013 was the last time I published a non-Pod-Pointer blog here. That’s a long time and for those who care to hear from me (or other Dolphins) in this form (if such a person exists) – apologies. Of course, we’ve produced a consistent stream of Pod Pointers for many years now – something I’m proud of. While those are valuable in their own right, I think it is important to more extensively share our thoughts and knowledge. There is a lot of opportunity here.

Smart Dolphins exists primarily to improve lives through business excellence and leveraging the use of technology. We want our customers to be ninja-like with their technology to improve their business and to sleep better at night. There is also a big opportunity for us to help the broader business community by creating and curating great technology and business education.

This fall we are going to share a lot more valuable material to help the Vancouver Island business community “Get Smarter”. Starting in November, we will begin a new video series we’re calling “Dolphin Ditties”. These are short (a few minutes) videos that cover useful technology and business topics. Of course, we’ll continue to produce Pod Pointers every other week. We’ll also be publishing more blogs and will get much more active in social media. And…some other stuff…

We’d love to hear your feedback on our “Get Smarter” initiatives.