Who said technology was going to make our lives easier? It most certainly makes our lives better, but I see more complexity now than five or ten years ago. This is likely the result of globalization and hyper competition which is fittingly fed by technology itself.

Ten years ago (maybe even five years ago) I worried about how the future might look for Smart Dolphins and our fit in the world. We had a new tech savvy generation entering the business world that would make our “specialized” technology knowledge and talents commonplace. We also see tremendous market pressures to improve technology and it seemed certain that the future would become technically much easier for businesses. I envisioned businesses simply buying a single box (or robot) that you just opened and it would do everything for you. Business life and technology specifically seemed destined to become simplified and easy.


Perhaps a simpler future is still to unfold, but I don’t see it as the short term market equilibrium. Technology is accelerating and so is the pace of change. This period of massive innovation has created some wonderful products and improved our everyday lives. However, technology is lowering business barriers to entry every day and this is feeding the pace at which technology is creating a gazillion of competing, innovative options. The whole cycle is accelerating. The average business decision maker is left stunned when facing these wall-of-choices. Honestly, I’m in the technology business and my eyes glaze over a little when I think about the technology choices we have at our disposal. Furthermore, these choices are NOT luxuries. These same hyper-competitive forces are requiring smart business-technology decisions.

A little basic program to model the current world:
10 Add Innovation
20 Decrease Competitive Barriers to Entry
30 Increase Competition
40 Add Competing Innovation
50 Increase Choices
60 Increase Complexity
70 Go to 10

As worrisome as that is for all businesses to deal with (including Smart Dolphins), it is also comforting to know that Smart Dolphins has a critical role to play in this dynamic. We have positioned ourselves as a company that partners with our clients to take on this complexity challenge. There is clearly huge value there. There is a TON more we can do here well into the future. We’ve always played an important role in the business community, but I can now see that we are affirming our role as a linchpin in the world. THAT is why I am excited to get up in the mornings (albeit often, WAY too early).